Depending on your particular fireplace model, you can easily operate your hearth even during a power outage.

Products with standing pilots do not require electricity to ignite, and therefore will work during a loss in power.

For newer hearth products with IntelliFire™ or IntelliFire Plus ignition systems, you can still ignite your pilot with the use of each system’s auxiliary battery pack. Batteries are only to be used in the event of a power outage, not as your pilot’s standard power source.

  • IPI: Requires two D-cell batteries
  • IPI+: Requires four AA batteries

For hearth products using a wireless remote or wall switch, you can operate your product by accessing the control box in the controls below your fireplace or behind your stove. By switching the hearth product to ‘ON’, rather than ‘OFF’ or ‘REMOTE’, your fireplace or stove will operate normally without power.

In the event of a power outage, continue to follow all safety precautions including removing any flammable items from the area surrounding your hearth, and keeping children and pets a safe distance away.

If your hearth appliance has been exposed to water in any level, please