Get your fireplace ready for a busy season of backyard gatherings in five quick and easy steps.

With the arrival of April showers and spring flowers, so comes a spirit of energy, renewal and the feeling that it’s time to clean all the things. While hatching your spring-cleaning plans, don’t forget to add your outdoor gas fireplace to your list of to-dos. By following the checklist below, you’ll ensure your outdoor gas fireplace is properly maintained and ready for a busy season of backyard gatherings and cozy evenings spent gathered around the fire.


Step 1: Set yourself up for safety…and success.

Before starting any maintenance tasks, make sure the fireplace is completely cool. Turn off the gas valve and turn the power to the unit off.


Step 2: Start with the screen.

Inspect your fireplace’s screen for scratches, dents or other damage that could lead to rust when exposed to the elements. Need a replacement screen? Your authorized Heat & Glo dealer can help with that. Next, vacuum and dust the screen and surfaces, using caution when handling the edges. To clean the screen, spray stainless steel cleaner on a terry cloth rag—do NOT spray cleaner directly on the screen. Again, use caution when cleaning the mesh near the edges as they are sharp and may tear or snag the cloth. Pro tip: Wearing work gloves will provide an extra layer of protection if you’re worried about scratching your hands.


Step 3: Clean and inspect the inside of the firebox.

Remove any dirt, debris, leaves or dust that’s accumulated in the firebox or around the logs using a soft paint brush or vacuum. Give the firebox a close once-over looking for signs of rust, flaking or soot and check the pilot assembly for signs of corrosion. If you see any patches of rust or flaking, lightly sand the affected areas. And if your pilot assembly looks damaged, call an authorized dealer for support.


Step 4: Reassemble the fireplace and turn the power and gas valve back on.


Step 5: Check burner ignition.

First, ensure furniture and any other combustible materials are a safe distance from the fireplace. Then, check the burner ignition by turning on the fireplace. It should light smoothly and without delay. If the burner does not light or lags, consult your authorized dealer for support.

Your fireplace is now ready for another long season of enjoyment. Feeling intimidated by the tasks outlined above or worried about the performance of your fireplace? Consider a comprehensive inspection by a certified fireplace technician. To find one near you, head here.

Want to print a PDF of this Outdoor Gas Fireplace Maintenance Checklist? Download it now. 

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