See how a Heat & Glo SlimLine gas fireplace becomes the centerpiece of a Minnesota home.

There is a right fireplace for every home

Since the beginning of time, people have been drawn to fire. The warmth, flames and ambiance have a captivating effect that makes us feel at home. Great interior designers, like Michelle Hollenhorst of Pink Petal Design, incorporate fireplaces into their home designs for precisely this reason.

A seasoned designer, Hollenhorst has provided custom interior design services to clients in central Minnesota for more than 15 years. Her company, Pink Petal Design, does everything from designing luxury residences and starter homes to multifamily complexes and senior living communities. With an emphasis on creativity and frugality, her goal is to provide unique and beautifully designed homes for clients with budgets of all types.

Sommersby: A Traditional Home
When clients in St. Cloud, Minnesota, needed a home designed specifically for their growing family, Hollenhorst rolled up her sleeves and delivered stunning results – in a cost-effective manner. The clients chose a classic home style offered by the builder called Sommersby. Elements common to homes in the Midwest were mixed with a fusion of modern and traditional finishes for a classic and timeless feel.

The home embodies contemporary classic styling with plank floors, large hardwood moldings and seamless textured accents. Safer living spaces for children were created by chamfering all 90 degree angles in the interior of the home, which doubles to create a cozy atmosphere.

Centerpiece of the Main Living Area
The home features an open, airy main living area where the family spends most of their time. Like many home designs today, the kitchen, dining room and living areas are connected for a functional and accessible floor plan – with a lot of natural light. If you’ve ever been to central Minnesota, you know it is cold with extreme weather, posing a challenge for this type of design.

At the very center of the space, Hollenhorst placed a Heat & Glo SL-5 SlimLine gas fireplace. In addition to providing a source of heat, it creates a prominent focal point in the living area. This particular fireplace model complements the home’s traditional design perfectly with clean lines and a custom wood mantel. “This is the room the family spends the most time in, so having a fireplace as a focal point for gathering was essential,” said Hollenhorst.

With a modest price tag of $1,628 MSRP, the Heat & Glo Slim Line is both economical and efficient. Offered in several sizes with a unique, slender profile, this particular fireplace will fit into spaces where others won’t. Almost any installation is possible, making it one of Heat & Glo’s most popular fireplaces. Like all Heat & Glo fireplaces, the SlimLine comes standard with a safety screen for the glass front – a must-have for everyone home, especially those with small children.

“We fall in love with multimillion dollar homes, but that’s just not a reality for most people,” said Hollenhorst. “We didn’t cut corners on this home, we just made decisions to add quality features that truly present value and are very complementary to the home’s design.”

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