Contemporary Fireplace Designs

If you’d like an untraditional look that appears both stylish and artsy, consider a contemporary fireplace design. Adding a contemporary fireplace means you’ll have one the latest and trendiest designs, at least for the time being. Simply “Google” images for the word “contemporary fireplace designs” and the first thing you’ll notice is that these fireplaces take on a more cube-like appearance but also, come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. So what things should you take into consideration when adding a contemporary fireplace design? Consider the following:

  • Minimalist Surroundings - If your contemporary fireplace design is minimalist and straight-lined in appearance (as most are), consider surrounding it with other cube-shaped interior design elements, whether it’s a couch, coffee table, rug, framed pictures, etc. Clean-lined interior elements will add a modern edge and organization compared to other design styles.
  • Color – No matter what color you decide to go with for your contemporary fireplace design, contemporary delivers what could be described as a “clean” aesthetic. That being said, you may choose to further enhance this “clean” vibe by surrounding it with pale neutrals. For example, a room with white or pale gray finishes typically goes very well with a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Untraditional – Contemporary fireplace designs are certainly out of the ordinary and can even be described as cutting edge and groundbreaking. If you have a contemporary fireplace, a new visitor to your home may even be thrown off at first sight as to exactly what your fireplace actually is. This is sure to make your fireplace the center of conversation and interest whenever you have new visitors over.
  • Art – Something that’s really cool about contemporary designs is that they can be placed in areas to look more like wall art. This is in stark contrast to what typically comes to mind when thinking of a fireplace design. So, if you’re a person who absolutely loves art, a contemporary design is likely a great fit for your tastes.

Product Considerations
If you’re looking for something that’s really contemporary, look no further than Heat & Glo’s Solaris Gas Fireplace. As a 32” circular viewing area lying within a square, the Solaris continuously emits levitating flames from a transparent burner that’s razor thin. In addition to that, it also offers customization options for surrounding panels. Meanwhile, one of our more cost effective options is the electric-powered SimpliFire Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace, a linear contemporary design with multi-colored LED backlighting.


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