Install & Owners Manuals

Below you will find a comprehensive list of Heat & Glo product manuals. To determine your exact model and serial number, you must first locate your product’s rating plate. Rating plates can be found in different locations depending on the type of product you own:

  • Fireplaces (wood and gas): Under the smoke shield or on the side firebox column in the control compartment.
  • Inserts (wood and gas): On the side firebox column or under the ash lip in the control compartment.
  • Stoves (wood and gas): Inside the lower access cover, on the back of the stove, or inside the base of the pedestal.
  • Pellet Appliances: Behind the side curtain, behind the access panel, or inside/outside the hopper.
  • Electric Appliances: On the firebox ceiling.

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed in your product manual, or need a new part, please contact your local dealer – as Heat & Glo does not ship parts directly to consumers.

Documents for active products:

Documents by category: