Enjoy an open hearth and unobstructed views with the simplicity of gas.

Sometimes a product comes along that changes everyone’s thinking about the way things have always been. Here’s a case in point: In the past, if you wanted the ease and comfort of a gas fireplace, you had to accept that your fireplace would have to include a glass front.

Not anymore.

The conventional wisdom about gas and glass has been challenged with the introduction of the Phoenix TrueView gas fireplace powered by patent-pending WhisperTone Technology™. With the look of a traditional, open-front fireplace, the Phoenix still runs with the ease and efficiency of gas.

“Three decades ago, Heat & Glo revolutionized the industry with direct vent technology, and the Phoenix builds upon this legacy of innovation by providing what homeowners and builders have been asking for: The convenience of gas without the glass,” says Heat & Glo Brand Director Jackie Schneider.

5 More Reasons to Choose the Phoenix

There are so many ways the Phoenix delivers the ultimate fireside experience. Here are four reasons to revolutionize your hearth with this game-changing fireplace:

1.         Realistic looks and premium options. Choices include traditional brick or reflective black-glass liner, high-definition logs and a glowing, LED ember bed.

2.         Sight AND sound. An optional Bluetooth wireless speaker system adds an auditory layer to the realism by playing the sound of a crackling fire (or even your favorite music).

3.         TV time is Phoenix time. A television can be safely placed just 12 inches above the Phoenix, with no mantel required.

4.         Block cold air with WhisperTone™. This patent-pending three-part venting system features an automatic damper to stop air movement when the fireplace is off, preventing cold air from sneaking in.

5.         Control with a touch of a fingertip tap. All elements of the Phoenix’s operation, from flame height, lighting and sound, are controlled with our user-friendly IntelliFire touchscreen remote.

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