New ultra-slim model is the thinnest AFUE-rated fireplace available.

Coming soon, the REVO is an ultra-thin direct vent gas fireplace, measuring only 7” deep. This makes installation possible in virtually any room, with no chase or footprint required. In addition to being the thinnest AFUE-rated fireplace ever made, it’s tested to the same standards as a furnace, providing impressive heat – up to 24,000 BTU.

If you like flames (who doesn’t?), then you’ll love this fireplace. The flames are intense as they rise from an invisible, patented Razor™ burner. The REVO has a shiny black glass interior that’s designed to reflect the flames, creating an elegant display.

The REVO is outfitted with an IntelliFire™ Plus ignition system, which conserves energy by providing an ignition flame only when the unit is operating, instead of a standing pilot that burns 24/7.

It will be available in three models – square, linear and vertical, as shown below.

Linear REVO shown with black Studio front

Square REVO shown with bronze frame

Vertical REVO shown with black Studio front

Watch Heat & Glo for more information soon!

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