Find out what it really costs per hour to operate one of these hearth products.

Over half a century ago, gas fireplaces changed the landscape of hearth products forever. They’ve made having fires convenient and quick – eliminating the need to haul wood and spend time starting and feeding fires. They’ve also made having fires inexpensive.

Now you can find out just how inexpensive it is to enjoy fires with a gas fireplace. And it’s super easy. All you need to know is one of two things: either the BTUs of your fireplace or insert, or you can choose from a list of Heat & Glo models. The Gas Appliance Cost Calculator does the work for you, calculating approximately what it costs per hour to run the fireplace or insert.

The bottom line? It’s really inexpensive to run a gas fireplace or insert. For instance, the Heat & Glo 6000, which is one of the most popular gas fireplaces of all time, costs a mere .42 cents per hour* to operate. So, enjoying a fire for an entire evening can cost as little as $2. That’s a small price to pay for the ambience and warmth that will fill your home.

You can check out all the styles and options for gas fireplaces here, and fireplace inserts here.

*cost for natural gas

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