Make your fireplace mantel the design-savvy focus of the room it deserves to be.

The fireplace mantel makes the room. This shelf adorning the fiery focal point below sets the tone for the area, whether it be traditional, classic or modern. Make your fireplace mantel the design-savvy focus of the room it deserves to be. Get started with these interior ideas and take your hearth from drab to fab.

Try Traditional Symmetry
If you don’t trust your eye to try trendy eclectic styling, you can’t go wrong with traditional symmetry. This go-to mantel strategy is simple and appealing to the eye. If you’re afraid of the shelf design looking too stiff, incorporate organic elements like flowers or branches. This keeps the mantel balanced between casual and refined.

Experiment with Colors
Nothing revives a room like a fresh dose of color. Paint can seamlessly tie the whole room together, or make for an eye-catching center of attention. For a classic look, keep the theme monochromatic using a uniform color for the mantel and accessories. Make the room rich and traditional by incorporating complementing colors, like a crisp white fireplace surround set against a warm burgundy wall. And if you’re up for the bright and bold? Color blocking is a must.

Let a pop of color above the fireplace steal the show. A small square of a hot hue can completely transform the feel of the room. Paint the wall above your fireplace a color that matches a piece found in the room already, like a vase or lamp. Add the color to this one area, and you instantly have a modern design with minimal effort.

Make it About the Media
Function and fashion can mix, as above the fireplace often ends up being the perfect viewpoint for a television. This power duo created conflict in the past with hanging and heat restrictions, but not anymore. PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology from Heat & Glo redirects the flow of heat, sending warmth where you want it, all while cooling the glass and wall to safe temperatures.

PowerFlow uses the combination of fan-powered Heat-Zone accessories and Power Vent Technology to distribute heat to an adjacent room or outside the home. The choice is yours–at the flip of a switch. The glass will stay at safe temperatures and the wall will too, so you can place your TV or artwork anywhere you’d like.

Add Dimension
Texture and layers are the key to adding intrigue to any room. Play with your accent pieces, stacking and reordering them. Overlapped artwork and accessories makes the mantel feel full and lively. The trick to this interior idea is to vary the height and width of the elements you incorporate. Photo frames add a personal touch, and are easily arranged. Finish the shelf off with driftwood, succulents, sculptures or anything that adds a different feel. Your mantel should appeal to the senses of sight and touch.

Christmas will be here before you know it. Transition your mantel from stylish to festive with these ideas for Decking the Fireplace Mantel.

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