Thinking about upgrading with an insert? The kind of fireplace you have now makes a difference.

If you’re considering upgrading your current fireplace with an insert, understanding what kind of fireplace you currently have will be helpful. And with this information, your hearth dealer can help you find the perfect insert for your fireplace and home.

Your fireplace is likely either masonry built, or zero clearance. Masonry built fireplaces are usually constructed of brick or stone with fireboxes made of the same material, creating a solid barrier between the fireplace and construction materials. Generally the firebox has little to no metal, and may or may not have doors. Zero clearance fireplaces, on the other hand, are manufactured fireboxes that are fire-rated to that no (zero) clearance is required between the firebox and construction materials like wood framing and sheetrock.

Example of a masonry-built fireplace

Example of a zero clearance fireplace

The image below provides more information to help you understand the difference between masonry built and zero clearance fireplaces. What kind of fireplace do you have?

Click here for larger version

With this knowledge, you can vision your local Heat & Glo dealer to investigate your options for inserts. And meanwhile, check out the various inserts here.

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