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Over the past decade, modern home design has become less of a novelty and more mainstream in the U.S. With a nod to our friends across the pond who first embraced it, modern styling has gained significant popularity with designers, architects and homeowners alike.

Distinguishing characteristics of modern style are simplicity, minimalistic spaces, and clean architectural lines. Embellishments are minimalized, so there’s very little clutter within the open floor plans. Natural light is made abundant through windows with lots of glass, connecting the indoors to the outdoors.

Fans of modern home design love its simplicity and straightforwardness, while those who lean in the direction of traditional feel it lacks warmth and texture. So how does a person make modern spaces warm and inviting? With a carefully chosen fireplace, of course!

Modern Fireplaces
One of the greatest architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright, once said, “The fireplace is the heart of the home.” That’s still true today. Upon entering a room, all eyes are immediately drawn to the fireplace and people gravitate toward the warmth. That’s why fireplaces have been cherished additions to homes for centuries, and they remain one of the most requested home amenities today.

But modern fireplace design pushes traditional boundaries with radical new features that incorporate both function and sleek beauty. They resemble something you’d see in a fine art museum, rather than a cabin in the woods. Many are linear in shape and have stylized flames that are surrounded by colored glass and shiny or buffed metal. They are worlds away from the traditional brick fireplaces of the past!

Modern design loves these fireplaces. We love that the rules have completely changed regarding shape and size, materials, placement and fire technology. And you’ll be happy to know that the vogue designs gather crowds as readily as traditional-style fireplaces, except with a distinct artistic allure.

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