Commercial building products are making their way into modern home design

As you may know, many home interior design trends can be traced to commercial settings: germ-resistant materials for countertops, stainless steel cookware hanging from a suspended pot rack, minimalist furniture, narrow-profiled window frames, mod contemporary-styled fireplaces like the Heat & Glo MEZZO and RED Series. All have found their way into today’s modern homes, and for good reason!

Mezzo 48 See-Through   RED 40 See-Through

What’s driving the trend? One theory is that urban renewal with its trendy metropolitan lofts deserves the credit. It could also be the popularity of many shows on HGTV and Food Network. Whatever the reason, the result is that more and more product manufacturers are making commercial building products available for residential home design.


The explosion of cooking shows has made amateur and aspiring chefs fawn over the latest gadgets, grills and griddles. Of course, those television chefs aren’t using your everyday-run-of-the-mill frying pan, cooktop or oven! But those commercial-grade ranges and hoods, double ovens, convection ovens and deep-well sinks with sprayer faucets are available and can be incorporated into your kitchen remodel.


If Food Network has influenced kitchen design, hotels could be the source for trends in bathrooms. They keep people coming back by pampering them with simple but creative touches like curved-shower-curtain rods for a little more elbow room while you’re soaping up. The surge in popularity of multiple rain-down showerheads could be attributed to hotel spas, and homeowners’ desire to recreate that experience at home. Modern hotel suites were also among the first to put fireplaces in bathrooms (we are in favor!).


Windows and Doors

To maximize the view, many commercial buildings have huge glass panels with narrow frames, rather than traditional windows. You may have seen homes that replicate the look with one or more rooms made almost entirely of windows. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Patio doors are usually at the heart of a home’s glass facades. With folding or telescoping patio doors for openings of 20, 30, 40 feet or more, nothing is getting in the way of your view when those doors are open!

Those patio doors, as well as windows for your home, are increasingly available in contemporary-style, minimalistic frames and sash. While aluminum windows and doors are more authentic representations of commercial uses, many manufacturers use aluminum-clad wood with special metallic finishes to provide improved energy efficiency.

Living Rooms and Staircases

You can do a lot in common living spaces with commercial building products – or those made to look like them. Open staircases with tempered glass or cable railings are true to the style. Flooring like polished concrete, terrazzo tile, or ceramic tile will create a vogue look in living rooms. And we would be remiss not to mention that the space can be made warm and inviting with a Heat & Glo modern fireplace!


As you can see, there are many contemporary design ideas that have a commercial flair to explore! From all of us at Heat & Glo, enjoy the hunt!

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