The new Soho™ from Heat & Glo™ features a design that makes it ideal for creative applications within the home.

The Soho™ invites homeowners to re-think the fireplace in the home

Many homeowners want every element of their home to be a reflection of their personality, style and taste. Unfortunately, fireplaces in the past often did a poor job lending themselves to individual expression. The new Soho™ from Heat & Glo™ features a compact square shape and shallow design, making it ideal for creative applications within the home. Conveying a portrait-like appearance, the Soho requires little or no finishing detail, enabling the model to mount on a wall and look as if it were hung. This versatile design along with the Soho’s appropriate heat output invites homeowners, architects and designers to re-think the fireplace and toss out old notions about where it should go and what it should look like.

“Innovations from Heat & Glo like the Soho reflect recent modern design trends that broaden how people view products and furnishings in their home,” says Susan Hilt-Lagos, Brand Manager, Heat & Glo. “The Soho provides total placement flexibility and gives the fireplace new life as a design element and creative home decorating accessory.”

Providing a 24-inch square opening and a depth less than 12 inches, the Soho’s clean face exterior maximizes flame viewing and allows surround materials like brick, stone and tile to come flush to the firebox edge for a seamless finish. Accent lighting and electric embers illuminate the firebox interior year-round, with or without flame.

A fashionable Studio front is available with a portrait installation or homeowners can select a more classic, built-in look with a Greenwich cabinet and Firescreen front. The Soho can also be installed and finished on the floor like a traditional fireplace.

The Soho generates 8,500 to 12,000 BTUs and uses an Intellifire® ignition system to provide greater efficiency. Intellifire is a patented state-of-the-art ignition system that provides a pilot flame only when needed to minimize the gas bill.

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