It’s possible to enjoy a single fireplace both inside and outside your home!

Do you like sitting outside around a warm fire? Or how about snuggling indoors near a fireplace, do you like that too? If you answered yes to both, we have the perfect fireplace for you! Meet the Twilight series: Bringing warmth and beauty to both an indoor and outdoor space–with one fireplace. 


Heat & Glo Twilight Modern Gas Fireplace Outdoor View


That’s right. The Twilight series are see-through 38,000 BTU fireplaces that also act as a window. It makes it possible to enjoy impressive fireside views from both inside and outside your house all year long, doubling the ambiance and enjoyment from just one fireplace.  


Heat & Glo Twilight Modern Gas Fireplace Indoor View


Because they feature a closed system, Twilight fireplaces provide a safe environment for enjoying fires within an arm’s length on outdoor patios, decks or terraces. Perfect for remodeling projects, there is no need for an exterior vent cap since the outdoor face of the fireplace acts as a vent. This allows for more versatile placement locations while making installation less complicated and allowing for a clean exterior appearance. 


Heat & Glo Twilight II Outdoor Gas Fireplace Interior


The Twilight II has realistic logs and ember design while the Twilight Mod is a sleek contemporary model, featuring flames that rise through modern media and reflect on a black porcelain firebox. 


Heat & Glo Twilight Modern Gas Fireplace Outdoor View


Now you can have your cake and eat it too – indoors AND out! Learn more about the Twilight II and the Twilight Modern or by connecting with your local, authorized Heat & Glo dealer.  

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