TVs and fireplaces share the most attention-getting spots in the home. Thanks to heat management technology, they can be installed in the same place.

They’re the two major gathering points for any home, so why can’t they just snuggle up together and make us happy? For years, homeowners have struggled to find ways to place their fireplaces as near to their entertainment centers as possible. After all, what goes better together than a cozy evening in front of the fire than watching something good on television?

The battle for wall real estate is over

But the overheating that could occur when they were too close together traditionally meant that televisions, artwork and other wall-hung décor had to stay as far away from the fireplace as possible. Fortunately, we’ve solved the conflict by developing an array of customizable heat management solutions, designed to work with both our traditional and linear fireplaces. It keeps all a fireplace’s beauty in the home, but moves the heat wherever you want it to–another room, another floor or directly outside. Some systems are even equipped with an automatic shutoff that kicks in if a wall gets too warm, protecting your TV from overheating.

By moving heat away from your fireplace quickly and efficiently, our suite of heat management solutions are made to regulate temps, keeping your TV and artwork safe. Since walls stay cool, your TV or artwork always can hang close, eliminating the need for a mantel, awkward too-high or too-low placements or reducing odd-looking gaps.

Stacked or side-by-side

Now that consumers can have TVs and fireplaces together, they’ll be looking for advice about the best way to design this new home focal point. The first question: What’s the best height to hang a television? We checked in with Bria Hammel of Bria Hammel Interiors, an interior design firm based in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. She suggests that an optimal height for TV placement is four-and-a-half to five feet above the fireplace. “Hanging the TV at that height is the best for viewing and comfort,” says Hammel. “No one likes to get a neck-ache from looking up too high while watching.”

A newly trending design look is a side-by-side fireplace and TV configuration. “When installing the TV on the side of the fireplace, our main focus is balance,” Hammel says. “Typically, we put the fireplace in the center, with cabinets on either side, one of which houses the TV. We make sure each side feels symmetrical and is functional.”

Choose Heat & Glo

Now that you can install a fireplace and TV on one statement wall, there’s more reason than ever to include a Heat & Glo in every home. Get started planning your statement wall by connecting with a dealer near you today.

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