We asked our Facebook friends for their take and now we want to know – what do you think?

It’s been a debate for several years now... should TVs and fireplaces be stacked on the same wall? We have an opinion, of course, but we were also curious what our Facebook friends thought, so we posted the question. Turns out, it’s a hot topic (no pun intended), and it was one of our most popular Facebook conversations ever.

Responses quickly poured in. Many respondents felt it’s totally fine to mount a fireplace over a TV with comments like, “It’s the ultimate entertainment viewing opportunity,” and “It’s a great concept, having the glow and warmth of the fireplace and getting the latest news at the same time.”

But in the other court were those who felt strongly that placing a TV above a fireplace may be distracting and takes away from the ambiance of the fire. A few also expressed concern about the heat from the fireplace damaging the TV, and some said thought that the angle for viewing the TV might be too high.

As the hearth experts in fireplace design and installation, we have a good deal of experience with fireplace/TV combination installations. Good news for both parties: our official take is TVs and fireplaces can indeed occupy the same wall, from both a design and technical standpoint. Don’t worry about potential damage to the TV, or the viewing angle – to successfully mount your TV above a fireplace simply requires some installation tweaks and room considerations. You can read more about why – and how – it works in a recent blog post. And if you’re wondering about technical requirements, this PDF provides some useful installation specs.

What’s your take? Do you (or will you) stack your TV and fireplace, or do you prefer to keep them separate?

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