Jessica’s house was transformed into a dream home, complete with heating comfort at the touch of a button. See what her family loves most about having a gas fireplace insert.

Jessica was like many homeowners with an open wood-burning fireplace. The initial idea of a hearth appealed to her; she looked forward to relaxing after long days in front of the flames. Reality quickly set in though with every trip to the wood pile. The truth is open masonry fireplaces are expensive, dirty, drafty and high maintenance.

We decided to make Jessica’s life a little easier and a lot warmer. As the winner of our Rekindle the Flame contest, we installed a gas fireplace insert into the space of her existing hearth. In just a short amount of time, Jessica’s house was transformed into a dream home complete with heating comfort at the touch of a button.


One year after the Grand I-35 gas insert was installed into Jessica’s home, her and her family are still enjoying the warmth.

“Our old fireplace was so junky looking – messy, dirty and outdated,” Jessica said. “The Heat & Glo is so classic and neat. It has really made our room look a lot better. We like how easy it is to turn it on and off!”

When fall rolled around and the cool weather blew in, Jessica and her family used the gas fireplace insert to warm the main living area and save money on heating bills. The best benefit though? The fireside family time.

“A favorite memory so far is having the Grand I-35 gas insert on during a snowstorm, and being able to have coffee and read by the beautiful and warm fire while the weather was so cold outside. We’re looking forward to many more years of that!”

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