style="color: #131313;">Learn about the Phoenix TrueView gas fireplace and see it in action by streaming our holiday Yule Log video.

Seriously, could a gas fireplace look and sound this real? That’s what you’ll experience with the new Phoenix TrueView gas fireplace from Heat & Glo®. Enjoy our Yule Log video featuring the Phoenix TrueView this holiday season and see for yourself.

This industry first delivers the convenience of gas without the glass. The allure is simple and profound. In an era of all our busyness, we want to create a sanctuary. A worry-free oasis where our families can love and live in comfort and peace. The Phoenix takes you there instantly. No hauling in wood. No rolling up newspapers to get things started. No lingering to let the fire die out. Instant on. Instant off. Did I mention, there’s no ashes?

Unique Phoenix advantages bring you a relaxing daily experience

What sets the TrueView apart is no glass to distract and Bluetooth speakers — for full enjoyment of your fire visually and with the sound of crackling fire or music when paired with your smart device. Add a screen door front if you want to enjoy your fire with style of an enclosed fireplace.

The nostalgic look and feel comes alive with bold dancing flames you can tweak up or down. Mild heat for year-round comfort. Hand-painted, amazingly authentic log sets. And a glowing ember bed.

You can personalize your fireside experience with:

  • Optional Bluetooth Surround Sound speakers to stream your favorite music or a crackling fire for an immersive experience
  • Nostalgic brick or a modern reflective black interior for modern or traditional interior design
  • Ability to mount your TV just 12” above, with no mantel required

Economical to install and operate

Installing a Phoenix TrueView is more affordable than building out a masonry fireplace. Why? No elaborate structure. No full chimney. No prolonged labor. You can have yours installed in one day.

What’s more, it costs just $0.22/hour to run a nice-sized fire. The exclusive WhisperTone automatic damper saves you energy cost because it stops air movement when your fireplace is off, sealing off cold air. And, you can easily control your flame height with a touchscreen remote.

Envision your home with a Phoenix TrueView series gas fireplace. It brings a wood fireplace to life without all the hassle of chopping, hauling and stacking wood, and the mess of cleaning ashes. Then, get full details on how quickly and inexpensively you can have one in place soon.

Let the memories begin. For more information or to locate a dealer, go to



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