Modern Fireplace Designs

Modern fireplace designs can cover a broader category compared to their contemporary counterparts. While contemporary means any design that’s being created currently (the most up-to-date), modern usually covers any design that debuted within the past century.

VS. Contemporary – Similarities & Differences
Like contemporary, modern architecture usually takes on a more straight lined-like appearance. Where they differ, however, is in the complexity of design. Browse some pictures of contemporary versus modern and you’ll notice that modern designs are a bit plainer/cleaner. On the other hand, contemporary may have more unusual angles, shapes and color variations.

Famed architect Mies Van der Rohe was a large proponent of modern architectural designs during the mid 20th century. Ever since, such designs have continued to thrive, whether it’s home exteriors or interiors, business offices or any other kinds of structures.

So now that you have a better idea of what constitutes a “modern” design, exactly how do you go about creating a modern fireplace design? Consider the following:

  • The Central Hub of Design - A great-looking modern fireplace design can be the central hub of your living area. Don’t be afraid to build off of the fireplace’s vibrant look to add accents to the room. Visual aspects like wall finish, furniture, and minimal accessories can effectively complement your fireplace design to deliver an entirely modern feel to the living room area.
  • Transitional Design – Modern fireplace designs are neither too traditional, nor too contemporary. In other words, they are an excellent option for a transitional space and tend to fit the personal styles and tastes of most people. They pack just enough punch to keep your living area stylish and impressive.
  • A Clean Design – Like its contemporary counterpart, a modern fireplace design complements a clean look. Whether it’s pale neutral finishes or more minimalistic furniture, modern designs allow function to drive simplified visual aesthetics that are both beautiful and up-to-date.

Product Considerations
Heat & Glo offers a variety of fireplace designs that can help enhance your living space with a modern look.

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