Stone Fireplace Designs

No matter how you’ve decorated or plan to decorate your living space, a stone fireplace design can look great with a variety of décor options. Such fireplace designs can come in a large number of shapes, styles and colors. So what should you take into consideration when looking to add a stone fireplace?

  • All Outdoorsy - Stone fireplace designs can deliver an indoor aesthetic that sometimes looks more rustic and outdoorsy. Good news: If this is a style you like, you can use your fireplace’s stone aesthetic to go all out with this look. Stone can fit well with other rustic interior design elements including hand-scraped wood finishes and wrought iron detailing.
  • Stone Veneer – Stone veneer is probably one of the most popular brick designs. It looks great, especially when the stones are cut as thin slabs. With stone veneer, you can always surround the fireplace area with more contemporary designs or even go for a more traditional approach. The good thing about veneer is that is goes great with a lot of different design elements.
  • A Changing Mantel – Stone fireplaces are typically more traditional compared to their more contemporary counterparts. And many look great with a truly traditional fireplace aesthetic – the mantel. The great thing about a mantel is that it gives you the ability to decorate above the fireplace in whatever way you’d like. Whether you want to keep it clean and simple with a large painting and a couple other small things, or go eclectic with a mix of family photos, treasured keepsakes, and second-hand finds. It’s up to you! However, as the year progresses, don’t be afraid to change things up. For example, you can decorate the mantel with garland, ornaments, stockings and other Christmas-themed objects during the holiday season. Never be afraid to get creative and keep visuals in sync with the changing seasons.
  • TV Installation – One of the latest and most popular trends is hanging flat-screen TV’s above fireplaces, especially stone ones. This can save space and even open a room up in numerous ways. However, before proceeding, we’d recommend taking into consideration exactly how high you’ll have to place your television so your components can be accommodated during the fireplace planning.

Product Considerations
Heat & Glo offers a wide variety of stone fireplace designs, both Wood and Gas. Options are cost effective and sure to keep you satisfied with your fireplace for years to come.

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