Gas Fireplace Inserts

The Best Thing to Happen to Fireplaces Since Fire

You don’t have to sacrifice the warmth and glow of a wood-burning fireplace for the ease of gas. No more drafty, dated fireplace with messy maintenance, soot and smoke. Gas fireplace inserts fit inside your existing wood fireplace opening, providing an instant upgrade in both looks and heating efficiency. Warm up to greater performance, safety and convenience.

Traditional Style



Transform your space from underused to unbelievable with all the best features, most advanced technology, and greatest heat efficiency.



Draw family and friends together around the beautiful fire with warm ambiance brought to life by nostalgic styling and push-button control.



Arrive home, turn on a fire and relax, or enjoy movie night with your family – now more affordably than ever with Heat & Glo quality.

Traditional-to-Modern Style


Get the wow factor with our distinctive Cosmo – with modern, clean styling to match your updated décor.

While Supplies Last

Supreme I-30

Start making memories again with a simple, classic upgrade for your 30” hearth – while supplies last. Where first glances become lasting looks.

A gas fireplace insert gives so much more ease of use for the ambiance you want.

- Katie Kurtz

Designer and Licensed Realtor

Answers to Your Questions

What is a gas fireplace insert? +

A gas fireplace that fits into your existing manufactured or masonry wood-burning fireplace, turning it into a beautiful and efficient heat source without a major renovation. Your gas fireplace insert radiates heat from the warm firebox through an optional, quiet fan. Styling ranges from traditional to contemporary to match your home’s décor. You can also choose a wood insert, electric insert or pellet insert.

Is a gas fireplace right for me? +

Is your fireplace unused? Are you tired of the drafty chill or smell of ash and want to restore the ambiance, warmth and comfort in your home? With a gas fireplace insert, you exchange the mess and hassle of wood for instant on/off heat with a remote control. It’s safe around children because of the protective, low-visibility screen over the sealed safety glass.

Do I really have to tear up my whole wall? +

No. The installation of your gas fireplace insert usually takes just one day. However, you can update your existing wall with stone or brick facing overlays for a full transformation.

What is the process of getting a gas fireplace insert installed? +

After you consult with a dealer and choose the ideal fireplace for your space, the installer will run new venting inside your existing chimney and a gas line to your fireplace. Next, we’ll connect gas and venting to your new fireplace, finish with a beautiful front of your choice and then arrange an inspection by your local authority. Your dealer will handle the entire installation process.

What are my options? +

You can choose from an array of different options to fit your budget. Options will depend on the size of your existing fireplace. We offer several sizes and features to create the fireplace you always wanted. 

What are the benefits? +

No more chopping and hauling wood … or cold, drafty air entering your house. At the touch of a button, you add warmth and coziness to your home plus create a comfortable and inviting environment for family and friends. You’ll restore the focal point of your home, improve your décor, and increase your home’s value with a Heat & Glo gas fireplace insert.

Where can I see a gas fireplace insert? +

Visit a dealer showroom to feel the warmth of a gas fireplace insert. Come see burning fireplaces, view and discuss your options, experience what your fireplace “after” could look like and get a quote. We can schedule a visit to your home to take measurements. Or better yet, you can bring a few photos on your phone to your dealer to jump-start the process. Find a certified Heat & Glo dealer or call 612-444-6765.

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