Heat & Glo gas inserts fit directly into an existing wood burning fireplace turning it into beautiful and efficient heat source, without a major renovation. You’ve got prime real estate sitting right in front of you, put it to good use with the best-in-class styling and performance of a Heat & Glo gas insert. A gas fireplace insert allows you to watch the flicker of a flame with ease from a stone or log set.

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Old wood fireplaces — they just suck.


    Old wood fireplaces waste up to $200 in energy costs each year. Add another $200 for chimney cleaning and keep adding if you purchase your wood. Keep your cash and save time with a gas fireplace insert.


    Messy, ashy, sooty and smoky; open wood-burning fireplaces are dirty. Clean up your hearth with a gas fireplace insert; instant fire, no scrubbing required.


    Open masonry wood-burning fireplaces are a leading source of indoor air loss and draft, even more so than windows and doors. Stop the draft and keep the heat in your home with a gas fireplace insert.


    Haul wood inside, light the fire, poke and prod, and...wait. When the flames finally appear, it's nearly time to put it out (a task in itself). Stop the madness! You deserve instant relaxation and ambiance; you deserve a gas fireplace insert.

Upgrading is as easy as 1-2-3

1: Install venting and gas.

2: Place gas insert into old fireplace.

3: Enjoy your new fireplace!

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